東京・新宿駅西口 Tokyo, Shinjuku Station West Exit.かめや “Kameya”


Kakiage(※1) Soba – 380 Yen


JR Yamanote line, Shinjuku Station West Exit, Omoide Yoko-cho


Kamaeya stands tall in the middle of Omoide Yoko-cho, also known as the “Shonben Yokocho(※2)”.
With L shaped open counter which uses limited space of corner-lot wisely, handwritten words and dimmed light of the paper lantern makes us feel warm and little bit nostalgic.

■蕎麦 生めん茹で置き。灰色ぽくて中太でやや長め。コシあり、かすかに香りあり。おいしい。
■つゆ しっかりダシが利いている。カエシ普通。甘くない。
■かき揚げ 揚げ置き。みごとに大きい。コロモ主体なのだが、ふんわりサクサクと揚がっておいしい。飽きない味。

■Soba: Raw noodle. Grayish color with long and medium thickness, noodle has nice chewiness and has small hint of Soba fragrance. YUMMY
■Soup: Not sweet, with Strong Dashi(※3) and normal Kaeshi(※4)
■Kakiage: Already made, big sized tempura. Thick batter, but fluffy and crispy.
Very tasty… never gets tired of this kakiage.


新宿だけあって外国人も来店する。オープンカウンターなので面白いんだな、きっと。隣に座った人が「Can I have なんたら ?」とか言ってるので気がついた。かわいらしい金髪の女の子。

Like always the soba is very hot, so must eat slowly to avoid burning my tongue.
Since it is in Shinjuku, foreigners often come to eat. Probably drawn to smell of nice soba, and little bit curious of stand-in open counter. A young lady who sat next me orders by English. Surprisingly, staff doesn’t even flinch and asks her “Soba?”, and the lady answers “Yes”. Being very curious to how they are going to take her order, staff points his finger at the bowl of another customer across the counter and asks “same?”. The answer was “Yes”, so he tells another staff the order is “Ten-Tama” with a proudly smile. Well, their “Ten-tama” is the sure thing at Kameya, so no surprise there. Anyways, the staff also tells the lady “three hundred eighty” for the price, completing the order. So, at Kameya, you can order in English with no problem. Wow Kameya, nicely done!

JR新宿駅西口 徒歩2分
西武新宿線 西武新宿駅 徒歩4分
休 日曜(土曜は翌3時まで営業)
評価は3点 ☆☆☆

Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Nishi Shinjuku 1-2-10
2min walking distance from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit
4min walking distance from Seibu Shinjuku Station
Closed on Sundays (Saturdays open untilnext 3 o’clock)
A Three Star Soba-ya.

アプリ「蕎麦道なび」でも配信中! 「蕎麦道なび」のアプリはこちらからダウンロード!
※Google Android/iOS対応

(※1)Deep-fried battered mixture of vegetable/fish/seafood

(※2)A street corner made right after war ended. Old and chaotic with mixture of nostalgy.

(※3)Sea food broth, mainly made with Katsuobushi/bonito flake
Katsuobushi is dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna.

(※4)Soy-sauce based soup


特集・連載「蕎麦スス流~SOBA SuSu Ryu~」の最新記事

通称しょんべん横町にある外国人も愛する蕎麦【SOBA Su Su Ryu】

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