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蕎麦スス流 SOBA Su Su Ryu


新丸子 Shinmaruko山七


Mini Curry Set + Kakiage(※1) – 500 + 80 Yen



Little shop located just outside Tokyu Toyoko Line Shinmaruko station to the right. They sometimes open early in the morning and do not close until late, so the shop is extremely popular to the stand-in soba shop fans in Kawasaki.



Located right next to the train station, it opens early, and a very reasonable menu makes this shop extremely popular to the businessmen and locals.



■Noodle: Boiled noodle. Whitish and round. Soft and little lengthy.
■Soup: Little salty with rich taste of soy-sauce. Light on sweetness.
■Kakiage: Already made. Filled with sweet taste from the vegetables. It has a nice homemade feel.
■Toppings: Tanuki (Crunchy bits of fried batter) and seaweeds. FREE



Homemade noodles, Tempura made in the shop, and homemade curry. A perfect role model of how to make simple stand-in soba. Everything is simply delicious.


Boiled noodles are thin and chewy but not too firm. Matches very well with the soup. Soup has nice dashi(※2) with rich kaeshi(※3). With Tanuki toppings, the soup has a nice balance with the noodles.


Once you slurp slightly long noodles into your mouth. As oxygen fills your lungs, your stomach will be filled with joy.



By the way, this shop uses homemade noodles. Most of the traditional Japanese soba shops and dedicated Ramen shops use noodles they made themselves, but as for stand-in soba shops, most of the shops use noodles they purchased from another noodle maker. The reason for it is quite simple, it is almost impossible to fit large noodle making machines inside small stand-in soba shops and hiring professional noodle baking employees is hard too. So only a handful of dedicated stand-in soba shops use homemade noodles.



Although, there are some exceptions like Yamashichi, which is a shop run by a noodle making company. They are different from small franchises that make their own noodles. They are professional noodle makers who make noodles and sell noodles to many different shops and run stand-in soba shops in one of their departments.


This kind of shop is rare, so even if you add Tokyo and Kanagawa, the number of shops like this would be less than 5. For stand-in soba fans, these shops are valuable and there are fans who enjoy only these kinds of shops. When you start to wonder where the noodle you are having comes from, you can say you are becoming a strong soba fan.



One more thing you cannot forget is this mini curry. This curry is homemade from cooking the vegetables. It looks simple and ordinary, but once you have a bite, the spicy taste hits your tongue. Their curry is unbelievably delicious for a stand-in soba shop. There are stand-in soba shops famous for their curry, and Yamashichi is one of them.


The smell of the spicy curry freshly made in the morning is superb. You should try the freshly made curry once. It only costs you 230 Yen, so you will probably order something else too.



The neighbor Musashinokosugi changed a lot in 10 years. Dull factory-based town changed to a fancy town filled with fancy apartments and tower mansions. Although, Shinmaruko has been the same for a long time, a small shopping town in front of the train station. You can say they did not keep up with the time, but it is a good thing shops like Yamashichi are still standing.

営 (月)6:00〜20:00 (火・木・金)6:00〜19:00 (水・土) 6:00〜17:00
休 日曜
評価は2点 ☆☆

Address: Kanagawa-ken Kawasaki-shi Nakahara-ku Sinmaruko-cho 738
Access: 1min (Just in front of the station) walk from Tokyu Toyoko line Shinmaruko Station
Open Hours:6:00 – 20:00 (Mondays) 6:00 – 19:00 (Tue, Thurs, Fri) 6:00 – 17:00 (Wed, Sat)
Closed on Sundays
Grade: A Two-star Sobaya

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(※1)Deep-fried battered mixture of seafood and vegetables
(※2)Seafood broth mainly made with Katsuobushi (bonito flakes)
Katsuobushi dried, smoked, and fermented skipjack tuna
(※3)Soy-sauce based soup base


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