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蕎麦スス流 SOBA Su Su Ryu


飯田橋 Iidabashi稲浪(いなみ)


AshitabaTen(※1) Soba – 400 Yen



Shop is in Shin Ogawamachi where many printing companies resides. Along the Kanda river from Iidabashi, right turn on the first intersection. Opened in 2012, which is pretty newcomer for a stand-in soba shop.



Shop is in isolated location, but one thing surprises more is that they use already boiled noodles. It is rare a for new shops to use already boiled noodles. Raw noodles are delicious, but stand-in soba fans always have a craving for already boiled noodles. It is nice to have a shop which understands these cravings.


According to the owner he has long career as a chef, with the experiences in Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine. He had a prior relationship with a famous stand-in soba shop in Kudanshita, Musashino (sadly closed). He started his stand-in shop by emulating the soup of Musashino. His shop received high praises from the start in 2020, and the fame became more and more with the raise of quality of the soup. His soup is now matured with originality and high quality.


■Soba: Already boiled. Grayish color with slight thickness. Soft. Very tasty noodle, which I love.
■Soup: Nice and strong dashi(※2) with fragrance. Kaeshi(※3) has nice balance between saltiness and sweetness. Soft and kind but has strong taste. Nice with the already boiled noodle.
■Tempura: Ashitaba tempura. Little bitter than Shungiku tempura. The leaves have nice volume. Already made, but the time after cooked adds sweetness to the tempura. Luckily came with Chikuwa tempura too.


Soba noodles are little thick and has nice chewiness. Has nice softness with slight fragrance and sweetness when chewed. The soup is very elegant with nice fragrance of dashi. Nice. Hats off to the enthusiasm and talent of the owner.



The softness of the already boiled noodles acts as a sponge which sucks the all tastiness and the fragrance of the soup. The soup and the noodle act as one. You can say this is now the new standard for the all stand-in soba shops. You can also say that without having Inami’s soba, you cannot talk about any stand-in soba shops.


Also, the unique ingredients such as Ashitaba for tempura attracts soba fan’s interest too. It makes you to want to go there again to find new tempura.


For rarer ingredient for a tempura, there is a coriander tempura. Everyone would be surprise by it, but once you have it you will be more surprise of its tastiness. The strong taste of coriander is lighter due to cooked in the high temperature and leaves with nice after taste.

(Picture above is udon noodle, their udons are very tasty too)


The many free toppings make us happy too. There is bitter spice, green chili spice, pickled ginger, chili peppers, and fried onions you can add to your bowl.



The bitter spice is made with chopped vegetables, which has nice bitterness with fresh crispiness. This spice is rare for stand-in soba shops, but I love bitter taste, so I loved this spice from the start.


I wandered what kind of vegetable was used in this bitter spice, so I asked the owner about it. It looks like thin green asparagus, but taste is quite different. The surprising answer was that this spice was made with the stem of Ashitaba. The leaves are used in tempura, and stems are used in the bitter spice. Great creativity with great taste. Hats off to the owner again.


JR線・飯田橋駅 徒歩8分
営 6:00〜17:00
休 土日祝
評価は3点 ☆☆☆

Address: Tokyo-to Shinjuku-ku Shin Ogawamachi 5-8
Access: 8min walk from JR Line Iidabashi Station
Open Hours: 6:00 – 17:00
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays
Grade: A Three-Star Sobaya

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(※1)Tempura made with Ashitaba (Angelica Keiskei)
Tempura is a deep-fried battered vegetable/seafood/meat
(※2)Seafood broth mainly made with Katsuobushi (Bonito flakes)
Katsuobushi is dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna
(※3)Soy-sauce based soup stock


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