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蕎麦スス流 SOBA Su Su Ryu


人形町 Ningyocho福そば


Green Onion Kakiage(※1) Soba – 470 Yen



Very close from Ningyocho station, just on the ally of Amazake Yokocho intersection. A chic house, clean and organized shop where you will have good feeling about.



■Soba: Raw noodle boiled on spot. Slim with sharp edge. Chewie and has nice fragrance. You can’t ask for more.
■Soup: Elegant dashi(※2) mainly made from katsuobushi. Kaeshi(※3) with moderate sweetness. Slightly strong soy-sauce taste. Has great balance.
■Kakiage: Green onion kakiage, nice and crispy. Very tasty.


The soup, noodle, and the toppings are all great and has nice balance.


Sharp soba. Warm noodles are nice, but cold ones are great too. Strong soup makes very easy to eat and finish the soba in no time.



You can choose what kind of tempura you want for the topping. Onion kakiage, green onion kakiage, pickled ginger kakiage, regular kakiage, and edible crown daisy kakiage all are very good. There is a space between batter and the inside, making nice and crispy to eat. Fine work by the owner who is great at making them.


Not only the ones on the counter, there are just made seasonal tempuras are added. When adding new tempura, the owner would tell you that new tempura is just made, which is happy thing to hear. I would just order that when I hear those magical words.



The owner is Chinese descent, who worked in food industry in Japan and opened his own shop after learning how to cook. His passion of cooking and his service are great. You should try his soba at least once. You can order drinks at night too.


日比谷線・人形町駅 徒歩1分
営 [月~金] 6:15~20:00 [土・祝] 6:15~17:00
休 日曜
評価は3点 ☆☆☆

Tokyo-to Chuou-ku Nihonbashi Nigyocho 1-16-3
1min walk from Hibiya line Ningyocho station
Open Hours: 6:15 – 20:00 (Mon – Fri), 6:15 – 17:00 (Saturdays and Holidays)
Closed on Sundays
A Three-Star Sobaya

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(※1)Deep-fried battered mixture of seafood/vegetable/meat
(※2)Seafood broth mainly made with Katsuobushi
Katsuobushi is dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna
(※3)Soy-sauce based soup


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